Zo leest iedereen je scenario

Ted Hope produceerde vele films. Zoals 21 GRAMS en HAPPINESS.

Hij krijgt vele scripts per dag. Hij leest alleen de scripts die ONVERMIJDELIJK zijn.

Hoe zorg je dat je script ONVERMIJDELIJK is? Hier is zijn advies:

“Inevitability”. I encourage everyone to try to build in a sense of inevitability to their films, whether it is during development or packaging or financing. 
The feeling others should get is that this is a project that is going to get made, and that there is an opportunity for them to be part of it, but that won’t last forever.
How do you create that sense of inevitability? It is about being prepared, progressing the project, and having answers to the questions that might get asked.
What does that hard work look like? There is no one answer, but it could include (but not be limited to) things like:
• Have look book.
• Have all of your short documents – log lines, one paragraph synopses, one-page synopses, three-page synopses.
• Shoot a mood reel.
• Know your ten preferred actors in order of preference.
• Have a film budget.
• Have film schedule.
• Have your foreign sales estimates.
• Know what kind of deal you want for the movie.
• Know what comparable films are out there are.
• Know your audience.
• Know what festivals you want to target, why, and in what order.
• Know when you want to shoot, and where.
All of these things can help create the sense of inevitability that others will find compelling.